division MERCATUS

Since 2020 we act as a brand & distribution advisor for those companies and brand which decides to enter the European market.

Our company helps as advisor and European partner for Once-Kids from USA. Our task is to build and evaluate the potential market here in Europe for their brand Eco-bricks, Play Hard Heroes and Wanderlust. 

Once Kids

Once-Kids makes toys that kids make their own while helping save our world's oceans and forests.

Hello from Once Kids

We are a soulful, design-obsessed, playful, and sustainable children's toy company. We are building environmentally-friendly toys that help kids strengthen their sense of wonder and creativity!We believe in believing.-Believing that kids learn to believe in themselves through the toys they play with.-Believing that boys and girls alike have the ability to create imaginary worlds with a handful of blocks and superhero figures.-Believing in creating products that align with a cause that will positively impact future generations. 

We are building a toy company that all of us can believe in.Organic, Natural, Charitable, and Environmentally-friendly.Once Kids. 

For Always. 

World's First Wooden Construction Building Block System

Once-Kids launched in 2014 creating the world's first ever 100% wooden and compostable construction building blocks (which are compatible with plastic interlocking blocks). We have grown to now offer multiple product lines within that category including Eco-bricks™ Bamboo, Color, and Plus!

Patent Pending.

Playhard Heroes

Playhard Heroes are a beautifully designed, hand-painted wooden action figure series that were created to go on epic adventures while saving the planet!

Starting this Summer the Playhard Heroes will be compatible with Eco-bricks! This means the fun continues, your hero can stand tall on top of buildings or fly across the city interlocked on Eco-bricks™. The 7.5" Playhard heroes will be compatible with the Eco-bricks™ Plus collection and the Playhard Heroes Mini series will be compatible with the traditional Eco-bricks™.

The Playhard Heroes are named after trees and have been given their very own unique power to fight crime and protect our earth. When it's time for the heroes to rest, store them away in their laser engraved logo storage boxes.

Battle, action, role-play with these magnificent action figures.

Collect them all!


Ready to travel + explore the world during playtime? The Wanderlust series is a beautifully designed, hand-crafted and hand-painted sustainable wood collection created to unlock the wanderlust spirit within us all!

The Wanderlust City and Themed Collections also inspire explorative lessons during playtime! You can dive further into the culture and history of the city while you play and the wooden blocks infused with felt (which was spun from recycled plastic bottles) also add a sensory element for the child to discover.

Each Wanderlust set includes a laser-engraved wooden storage box with a chalkboard painted interior to further your creativity. Wanderlust sets are an ever-expanding line so stay tuned for new cities to be added!

Wanderlust Play Sets will delight any bookshelf, classroom, or individual it comes into play with. Collect them all.