They wrote about us in a review of our unique license pencil case created in cooperation with the MINECRAFT team:

Mrs. Jana and her children say:

PIXIE CREW & MINECRAFT student pencil case with small panel

"The old pencil case was old, and it was big and heavy. There was room for every pencil, crayon or marker in it, but still - you know the children - the stationery was almost never folded as it should be, and after opening the pencil case, everything I was glad to be able to give him a new pencil case right away.

I have nothing to complain about PIXIE CREW student pencil case. Holds everything a schoolboy needs, is lightweight and well padded. The pixel panel is of course the best on it. It's great fun for school breaks, where children can create different shapes individually or together with friends. The pencil case is relatively soft, so placing the pixels on the panel is a bit more difficult and you need to help by supporting the panel with your fingers. But this is not a problem at all for the schoolboy.

The zipper inside the pencil case is also great, which can hold not only other small writing utensils, but above all spare pixels. The pencil case made me and my son very happy and we give him 5 stars together.

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Thank you for the positive evaluation