Number of pixels included: 100
Pixies (buy more): small (24 colors)

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Eco-friendly PIXIE CREW WALLET made out of CORK. The velcro zip keeps your money safely stored. The wallet is divided into several sections: cash and receipts are held in the biggest section, coins are kept in a zipped compartment, two pockets are see-through to store pictures and photo id. There are several other small compartments to store business cards, credit cards etc. You will receive 100 ALPHABET PIXIES for free. Have a 'new' wallet everyday, change the messages as many times as you want. You can remove and stick on PIXIES whenever you want . Why not try out designs on our PIXIE CREW EDITOR at www.pixiecreweditor.com.

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CORK eco-friendly PIXIE wallet. With a silicone panel (15 x 15 points for attaching pixels) on the back size of the case, therefore you have 216 points for your artistic creations. Pixels or 'PIXIES' can be easily attached and detached repeatedly on the panels surface.

Additional Information

Weight (g) 73.0000
Manufacturer Pixie Crew
Product type Wallet
Color cork
Main fabric cork
Material silicone
Product size (cm) - W x H x D 13 x 10 x 2
Number of pixels included 100
Number of posts on the DIY panel 216
Silicon pad (nr. of posts) - W x H 15 x 15
Pixies (buy more) small
EAN 0702811689640

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