Number of pixels included: 100
Pixies (buy more): small (24 colors)

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PIXIE CREW School Pencil Case with unique silicone panel. Pixels or 'PIXIES' can be easily attached and detached repeatedly so you can create your own designs. The school pencil case consists of a pencil case and two partitions on which you will find one side with a rubber band made into 18 hooks designed to hold pencils, pens, scissors a ruler and an eraser. On the other partition you will find a see through pocket used to hold pictures, school timetables or any other useful information. The pencil case is closed using a zip. With the pencil case you will receive 100 PIXIES for FREE in 5 different colours. With the PIXIE CREW PENCIL CASE you can have a new pencil case every day. If you want to start creating now you can go on to our website and start clicking away on our editor, find us on: www.pixiecreweditor.com.

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Colourful pencil case with a silicone panel sized 24x16 pixel points, which means you have 375 positions for expressing your ideas. Zipper can close the pencil case. It has much storage for pencils and other that is needed in school. Together with the pencil case you also get a set of 100 PIXIES with for FREE. For more advanced designing you can also buy a set of 50 pcs PIXIES points in 24 colours.

Additional Information

SKU PXA-04-K23
Weight (g) 190.0000
Manufacturer Pixie Crew
Product type Pencil case
Main fabric polyester
Product size (cm) - W x H x D 14,5 x 19,2 x 2,7
Silicon pad (nr. of posts) - W x H 24 x 16
Number of posts on the DIY panel 375
Pixies (buy more) small
Number of pixels included 100
Color grey / grey
EAN 0702811689374

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