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Pixie Crew

Pixie Crew is a new brand name for pixel products that are made "from scratch" for the world of children. A key element of the product is pixel. Resolution of silicon can be repeatedly placing and exchange - thus forming shapes or pictures. The main products include backpacks, school backpacks known as pixel backpacks or pixelbags, then pencil cases, bags, messengers or diaries.

Pixie is a mythical creature like fairy that promotes playfulness and creativity. Crew is a group of people with the same goal, mission and interests - it is a community with which everyone would like to identify with and be a part of it. The basic shape of the silicone pixel is square. An integral part of the circle.

We want to encourage playfulness, creativity and imagination of children and their parents and stand - at least for a while - tantalizing world of computers, tablets and smartphones.
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  •  Jankovcova 1055/1, 170 00 Praha 7, Czech Republic
  •  (+420) 730 944 744
  •  Email: joy@pixiecrew.com